GreyMAR has pioneered the EMAR disaster recovery space.

We've built GreyMAR to instantly integrate into any PointClickCare environment with zero IT intervention.

GreyMAR vs. the supplied solution

GreyMAR was built to make disaster recovery for EHR systems as easy and painless as possible. GreyMAR is a fully featured suite of services that tie seamlessly together to ensure long term care facilities are operational during outages. We have completely overhauled PointClickCare’s backup offering and added these additional benefits:

  • A system designed exclusively for PointClickCare EMAR
  • Easy to use, nurse friendly interface
  • Two-second access to MARs and TARs
  • Completely managed solution – no responsibility on the facility end
  • Alerts when backups don’t work
  • Time-stamp verified backups to ensure up-to-date files
  • Audit controls for surveyors and auditors

You can enable GreyMAR in minutes

Removed the need to monitor old computers that manage your EMAR backups. IT has better things to do than to monitor these, and your nursing staff can’t be bothered printing MARs and TARs out daily. Give staff peace of mind that their backups are being handled by a company that has been successfully backing up data for a decade.

Credentials are stored encrypted

GreyMAR is naturally built with HIPAA compliancy in mind, so those credentials you enter are stored in the database that can only be accessed using your login password as an unlocking mechanism. GreyMAR’s team cannot view these once they’re entered.

Instantly presented with MARs/TARs upon login

Once your organization’s PointClickCare administrator has input the EMAR backup credentials, GreyMAR makes a secure connection to PointClickCare and downloads the MARs and TARs. Before files hit our servers we verify they’re current backups and then store them encrypted-at-rest.

Learn more about our security practices

Auditing and Access Logs for surveyors

GreyMAR allows administrators to view audit logs that comply with US HIPAA regulations to ensure a log is maintained of who’s viewed PHI information. IN addition to these audits, GreyMAR’s website can be Geo-Locked to ensure that old the MARs and TARs can be accessed from locations you specify, and further secured by your IT team.

Know who's viewing your confidential data

GreyMAR has many moving parts like you existing PointClickCare EMAR backup does; however, we’ve simplified the entire process to ensure that those who need to access the data most are able to do so easily.

But wait, there's a whole lot more

PointClickCare Outage Immune

GreyMAR is accessible 24/7, even when PointClickCare has an outage.

Secure Viewing

GreyMAR ensures that only staff you allow can access your MARs and TARs.

Major Outage Safe

Coupled with our hardware, GreyMAR makes for a pivotal part of your company emergency procedures.

Virus Safe

GreyMAR is a hosted web application, meaning it is immune from viruses and malware that your computer systems would otherwise be affected by.

Timestamp Verified Checks

GreyMAR checks timestamps and other available time data before downloading your data from PointClickCare to ensure it's the freshest possible.

Managed Backups

GreyMAR is a fully managed disaster recovery service, meaning your IT can focus on your staff and less with trivial backup tasks.

Nurse Friendly Interface

As soon as a staff member logs into GreyMAR, they are instantly presented with what they need and large easy to find buttons to navigate the interface.

GreyOS Ready

GreyMAR pairs perfectly with GreyOS to make every device in your facility a backup documentation system incase PointClickCare was to go down. GreyOS can automatically flip devices over during an outage.