An operating system designed for healthcare


Less time waiting for your PC

GreyOS replaces the PC operating system on your nursing PCs, allowing each and every nurse to work faster, more efficient and have a backup plan when things go down. GreyOS is much lighter thus giving immense speed and is secured by design.

Lightweight and secure charting

GreyOS allows you to run your LTPAC organization without the needs for worrying about drivers, hard drive space, anti-virus and anti-malware software. We allow your nurses to simply work on documentation and care giving.

What GreyOS does for your facility


The Power Button

If there is an issue with GreyOS, the clinician simply presses the power button to reboot. Once rebooted, the computer cleans itself meaning no downtime or IT tickets.


Reduce IT Support Costs

GreyOS will reduce your IT calls as much as 55-65%. Nurses and direct care staff will have less issues with computers and kiosks therefore incurring less IT support costs.


Lightning Fast

With GreyOS, nurses will instantly feel the speed of the lightweight OS which allows them to spend less time with computers and more time with residents.


Revitalize Old Equipment

A standard OS overloads and bogs down computers. GreyOS reverses this effect and drastically revitalizes old equipment.


HIPAA Compliant

GreyOS does a MD5 sum check of all system components and stops booting when there is a mismatch with registered values. No data is saved to the hard-drive so it’s impossible to copy.


Virus & Malware Free

GreyOS is completely read-only, meaning your facility is not vulnerable to viruses, malware or other infections.


Real Time Knowledge

GreyOS knows when your EHR is down or when it’s about to go down. It then automatically shows the clinician GreyMAR if your EHR is down.


Background Updates

Updates are installed automatically in the background and do not affect productivity.

Access your EHR faster on any device

GreyOS cuts out services loaded by Windows and starts by loading PointClickCare instantly. GreyOS turns any device into a lightning quick documentation station for any of your clinicians to utilize. GreyOS also allows device purchases to be made without an operating system.

Less IT intervention means less waiting

GreyOS doesn’t have any Windows headaches, passwords to remember, antivirus to install, or typical computer problems. Being built on a stable Linux-based framework, GreyOS is iso9660 read-only image. This means nothing can modify the moving parts of the system.


Real time frustrations with other OS’s in your community

Maintenance & Frustration Free

GreyOS allows nursing staff to have a much more simplified user experience reducing the need to call IT for issues pertaining to computers.

In turn this allows IT staff to focus on more productive work rather than spending hours maintaining computers and fielding phone calls related to computers

Don't rely on a single computer to print backup MARs and TARs

We built GreyOS with knowledge of day-to-day operations and realization that if there is an outage, access to getting MARs/TARs printed off immediately is the number one goal. Getting to that goal was difficult before GreyOS and GreyMAR.

Everyone can print MARs/TARs during outages

GreyOS allows every computer in your community to print off MARs and TARs in the event of an outage. Without GreyOS and GreyMAR, your community is limited to a single computer that can get paper MARs/TARs printed in the event of an outage.

See how GreyOS can transform your facility.

No more waiting or the frustrations that come with it.
GreyOS simplifies your IT and Nursing staffs day by improving speed and reliability. They will instantly see how easy and fast GreyOS is within seconds of starting the computer.
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