Everything you need to get med management running smooth.

Everything you need for fast and secure documentation

Give clinicians a speed boost

GreyOS is a seamless extension of the GreyMAR service, that bring the speed and simplicity to the clinician. gOS is a simple, HIPAA compliant service that ensures patients safety and provides speed and intuitive control to your clinical staff at any level.

Installs on any device and replaces Windows

GreyOS isn’t a program or an additional component to log into or add to an existing operating system. GreyOS is a self sustaining, purpose-built operating system that completely replaces Windows. We’ve made it so easy to convert, anyone can install with no IT intervention.

We handle outages for you, automatically

Don’t let outages creep up on your staff in the middle of documentation. GreyOS knows when PointClickCare is down, or will be down. GreyOS automatically fails over the GreyMAR service to document on in the event PointClickCare has an outage.

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Render PointClickCare faster on any device

GreyOS cuts out services loaded by Windows and starts by loading PointClickCare instantly. GreyOS turns any device into a lightning quick documentation station for any of your clinicians to utilize. GreyOS also allows device purchases to be made without an operating system.

Less IT intervention means less waiting

GreyOS doesn’t have any Windows headaches, passwords to remember, antivirus to install, or typical computer problems. Being built on a stable Linux-based framework, GreyOS is iso9660 read-only image. This means nothing can modify the moving parts of the system.

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But wait, there's a whole lot more

ISO9660 Read-Only

The OS is completely read-only, meaning viruses, malware, and other infections cannot affect GreyOS.

Real-Time Knowledge

GreyOS knows when PointClickCare is down, or when it's about to go down. GreyOS then automatically shows the clinician PointClickCare, or GreyMAR if PointClickCare is down.

No IT Maintenance

GreyOS is a read-only OS and receives updates automatically. Updates are installed automatically in the background and do not affect productivity.

Lightning Fast

With GreyOS, nurses will instantly feel the speed of the lightweight OS.

HIPAA Compliant

During startup, GreyOS does a MD5 sum check of all system components and stops booting when there is a mismatch with registered values. No data is saved to the hardware is impossible to copy.

One Button - Power Button

If there is an issue with the OS, the clinician simply has to hit the power button to reboot it. Once rebooted, the session cleans itself. This means efficient staff and no IT tickets.

Energy Efficient Design

GreyOS creates a perfectly stable session and does not depend on reading from booting media which is powered down entirely. When startup is finished GreyOS turns into a diskless terminal letting you save on energy bills and helping the environment.

Revitalize Old Equipment

GreyOS can be installed on almost any type of device, and since it's so efficient, can drastically revitalize the piece of equipment. A device running Windows can become overloaded and bogged down, while GreyOS reverses this effect.