Inconveniences in Assisted Living Facilities

GreyMAR recently came across the blog of nursing home resident Kathleen Mears. Kathleen has been blogging about her life as a resident for the past 21 years! Her blog gives us an interesting look into the life of a resident in an assisted living facility.

Her post on October 9, 2017 tells about when the assisted living faculty’s fire prevention consultant came for a visit. It’s hard to understand just how big a small inconvenience can be for a resident, but Kathleen gives us an inside look.

Below she recalls some of her experience:

“The fire prevention consultant said my PC’s line surge protector was too close to my bed. He said, in Ohio, surge protectors within 6 feet of a resident bed must be 1363 A, fire code compliant. I had him write down all the information. I thought I need to buy one to continue using my PC.

I searched on a major shopping website and found a six-outlet 1363 A fire code compliant power strip. I was not surprised that it cost $63. I also found a computer line surge protector but the fine print said it cannot be used within six feet of a resident’s bed.

The compliant power strip cost was more than the line surge protector I was using. I wondered if existing and higher-priced line surge protectors might be more fire code compliant than the inexpensive power strips with a breaker switch. However, I could not find the answer to that question online.”

We sympathize with Kathleen and any resident in an assisted living facility that has to deal with inconveniences like this. GreyMAR is on a mission to make assisted living facilities better than ever, and we hope Kathleen continues to offer us her insight!

Read Kathleen Mears’ full blog post at

Photo of Kathleen MearsNOTICE:  Kathleen Mears is a long-time blogger who has been a nursing home resident for 21 years. She gives us a rare insight to life in a nursing home. Her blog can be accessed at


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