Power Outages and GreyMAR

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Last Wednesday, Lake Forest Hospital located in Illinois, suffered power outages due to a flood, causing faculty to relocate 70 patients from Lake Forest to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Radiation and oncology patients were referred to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, while the elective surgeries were transferred to the Grayslake Outpatient Center. Heavy rain and storming led to this problematic evacuation.

Natural disasters happen, there’s no way to control the weather. Even so, GreyMar promises to have your back with a resilient backup plan. If a natural disaster strikes and even if your patients have to relocate, you can trust GreyMar’s backup system to keep updated MAR’s and TAR’s stored on our cloud. You could have no generator, no power, and no internet and you’d still have a fully functional GreyMar cart from which you can print your PointClickCare MAR’s and TAR’s. No shortage or outage is a match for GreyMar’s revolutionary system. The question is, how are you backed up?

Through research and experience, we’ve found that many clinicians are in the dark about these emergency procedures when these outages occur. With technology being our compass, any discrepancy can cause major setbacks, especially in the healthcare industry. Outages happen and technology isn’t always on our side. The only way to combat this is by having a plan that you can count on. Breathe fresh air and rest assured, GreyMar has you covered.

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GreyMAR is the #1 EMAR disaster recovery suite

GreyMAR enhances your Long Term Care organization’s ability to stay operational during major system outages. Our solution ensures your EMAR backups are able to be accessed 24/7 regardless of system outages.


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