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Shared drives are like 2002, am I right? Asking your IT guy to setup a shared folder then next thing you know someone deletes something. How do you know who? How long will it take for someone to restore? Yes, we've heard all of this before. GreyMAR was built by the guys you're thinking of right now, the nerdy IT guys.

Can GreyMAR replace my server?

GreyMAR is a perfect alternative to trying to create the perfect shared drive. Whether you have a large organization or you're a small operator, shared drives have a nickname - the black hole.

"I'm going to make it hard to find things"

Sincerely, your shared drive, a.k.a the black hole

A black hole is defined as a never ending directory of files, documents, policies, data, patient records, pictures, videos, and... everything else. Nobody really knows who uploaded what and there isn't accountability if something is deleted. Your IT guys are constantly trying to keep the drive cleaned and organized but it's a constant uphill battle.

GreyMAR takes away this painful reality and organizes your entire organization into a perfectly symmetrical environment with a dedicated section for each type of document.

"I trust GreyMAR because they have proved time after time their mission is to make nursing facilities efficient and provide us with incredible tools. They've blown away shared drives"


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What's the difference?

A standard shared drive and GreyMAR both allow you to store files. A shared drive must be connected via a VPN or remote desktop access, which can be time consuming and cumbersome. With GreyMAR, you can securely access files from any device any keep things secure with custom granular security roles.

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GreyMAR shows exactly what changed in a file, who changed it, and why they changed it. You can also revert changes if you choose.

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Shared drives are cheap - is GreyMAR expensive?

If your organization has a true server, more than likely you can setup a shared drive simply by paying your IT guy an hourly rate to setup. You'll have some time and money invested in technology to setup a complicated VPN or Remote Desktop (RDP) setup and then train staff.

With GreyMAR, you simply sign up and turn things on as you need them. You'll only pay for features you use and everything is stored securely in Google Cloud Datacenters. Pricing for GreyMAR starts at $1/bed.

We instantly make your entire organization available in the palm of your hand.

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Lets talk security

Shared drives are built using old fashioned windows, making them prone to attacks. If your IT guy isn't so familiar with modern day attack vectors, zero-day threats, and other ransomware style threats - you might be in trouble.

GreyMAR was built with security in mind. To start, our data is hosted in world-class Google Cloud data centers, which are some of the most secure locations in the world. We run on proprietary codebases and are also behind security technologies that are highly protective.

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We maintain audit trails and allow you to create highly granular security roles within the application to setup an environment the way you choose. Since GreyMAR was built by healthcare IT professionals, we know what your IT group wants easy access to.

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What's the biggest benefits?

Shared drives can be easy to setup and easy just to "go with" for the time being. As they grow, they will become overloaded and start to bog down. Shared drives rely on the server's power that they're set up on.

GreyMAR, being a hosted software, has the entire power behind the global Google data-center network to power your workloads. We're also able to integrate live data between your spreadsheets for example.

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No more "it's in the shared drive" and hope staff looks

Simplified daily to tasks for your management team! With GreyMAR's document tracking and integration e-signature features you can see when staff hav viewed a document, read a manual, watched an education and so much more.

We want to make things easy. That's why we package everything together in a simple overview of who's signed off on your requests and any test scores they received in the process.

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What are some big benefits to GreyMAR?

With so much to love it's easy to see why LTC communities are choosing GreyMAR. It's intuitive and easy to use, it's fast, you can access it from anywhere, and it works with any device with an internet connection. We keep your information secure with a plethora of security systems. At the end of the day, its the modern version of a shared drive.

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Stay tuned for new updates

We listen to all of your feedback and have boards in place that allow you to submit ideas, feedback, and feature requests.

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Ready to switch from that plain old shared drive?

Yes! Let's move to GreyMAR

Welcome to GreyMAR! Just signup for a free trial and ping us to start the migration process. We'll assist you with uploading your content. We will be with you in no time. And, you also get a 20% discount for the first three months if you mention this article.

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No! Need more info

Perfect. We'll walk you through personally, and make sure you are making the right choice for your product. No salesy talk or convincing. Just a conversation to understand your organization and help you to make a smart decision.

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