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GreyMAR Operation Software

Trusted by 600+ facilities including

Healthcare Operation Software
Healthcare Operation Software
Healthcare Operation Software
Healthcare Operation Software
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform

How GreyMAR improves your bottom line

We reduce software fatigue and centralize all of your operational needs under one umbrella.

1 Import

Import Your Data

We make it easy to import and connect with your existing tools using our partner integrations or custom API.

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2 Connect

Synchronize with PointClickCare

Connect with your EHR and other patient data platforms to close the patient data care loop.

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3 Cut

Consolidate & Cut

We provide baked-in services and features you'd otherwise need to buy yet another software for.

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4 Utilize

Utilize amazing tools

Harness the power of GreyMAR's toolkits to enhance your community's efficiency, image, and overall security across multiple fronts.

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Aaron Levy

People are talking

"GreyMAR has simplified communication with families. Proactive communication has never been easier and more successful."

Aaron Levy — Director of Operations, LNHA



Families use GreyMAR to connect to the facility, sign paperwork, schedule their visits, track belongings and more.

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Some features customers love

Preparedness Booster

Make emergencies easy

Enhance your organizations Disaster Recovery (DR) process with GreyMAR's emergency preparedness suite, built exclusively for healthcare.

  • Offline EMAR/ETAR

  • Offline KARDEX

  • Offline Policies and Documents

  • Offline Facesheets

  • Accessible from any device

  • Offline Allergies

  • Reports & Audit Trails

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use

  • Highly Available Infrastructure

  • On-Demand 24/7 access

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Profitability Booster

Supercharge reimbursement

Find more IPA opportunities with our powerful workspace builders. Build a tracker and add patients to an intelligent care schedule. Scrub documents for NTA opportunities you may have missed.

  • Integrations with popular EHRs

  • Find missing IPA opportunities

  • Enhance UR meetings

  • Scrub Referrals for NTAs

  • Share Documents to Families

  • Dx Scrubbing

  • Build Intelligent Trackers

  • Medication Alerting

  • Change in Care Alerts (CCA)

  • Care Scheduling

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“GreyMAR changed how we connect with families”

Judah Zutler, LNHA
Inbox user interface

Communication Booster

Connect with patients & families

Send targeted mass messages to families or patients quickly. View patients on a real time bed board. Inventory patient belongings, track rentals, and so much more.

  • Send texts, calls, or emails

  • Electronic Admission Agreements

  • Visitation Scheduling

  • Progress Note Synchronization

  • Integrated Family Portal

  • Integration with PointClickCare

  • Encrypted-at-Rest data storage

  • 2FA Authentication methods

  • Auditing tools and reports

  • Multi-regional high availability

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Customer profile user interface

Morale Booster

Uniform & centralize employees

Enhance your staff's experience starting at the onboarding process. GreyMAR features 100% electronic onboarding, scheduling, mass messaging and electronic forms - all in one platform.

  • E-Onboarding for new hires

  • Hiring workflow builders

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Licensure Monitoring

  • Mass messaging to staff

  • Internal Process builders

  • Budget & overtime reports

  • Deep Integration into product

  • 100% electronic employee file

  • Permission-based access

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“I have now worked with GreyMAR at two different facilities. The product has grown noticeably and is still very user friendly. They also have the best and most responsive support department in the business!”

Steve Welhorsky, LNHA
Inbox user interface

Compliance Booster

Streamline & organize operations

Organize and streamline overall operations in your facilities. Considered our flagship feature-set, we provide a multitude of state-of-the-art operational tools, survey management and auditing technologies.

  • Policy & Procedure management

  • Survey prep & management

  • Internal auditing & evaluation tools

  • Contract & invoice workflows

  • Maintenance & Life Safety tools

  • Management dashboards

  • Internal education builders

  • CMS & Medicare Integrations

  • Budget dashboards and reporting

  • Customizable look & feel

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