Hundreds of LTPAC organizations trust greymar including

outages made easier.


Even when the internet is down, GreyMAR has copies of your EHR data readily available locally.


GreyMAR can provide your staff with access to MARs and TARs even if your community has no power.


GreyMAR has built-in eFax capability which allows you to send and receive faxes efficiently in one system if your fax machine or phone lines are down.


If in the event your EHR is down, GreyMAR has a backup copy of all MARs, TARs and Behavior data.

Internet outages won’t affect nursing


GreyMAR provides an efficient, secure, offline method to access MARs and TARs, with a centralized dashboard showing the connection status of your GreyMAR backup device.


A complete EMAR backup

GreyMAR ensures your MARs and TARs are always available and instantly reports it’s status to you if something may happen. All backups are checked with a fine tooth comb to ensure they are the latest and are readily available to anyone on your network.


GreyMAR ensures your MARs and TARs are always available if you have no internet connection.

Document securely and efficiently


GreyMAR and GreyOS work together symbiotically to drastically improve your experience with PointClickCare’s EHR. By improving speed for nursing to document allows your facility to focus completely on providing care and not system outages.


Communicate faster with your staff

GreyOS gets push notifications from GreyMAR and keeps a simple alert at top every screen showing when there may be system maintenance or an outage. In the event of an outage, GreyOS then automatically flips every device from PointClickCare to GreyMAR to allow nursing to continue to document.

The best risk mitigation for EHR backups.


GreyMAR was built with HIPAA compliancy at the core of our product. Behind the scenes we’re giving your organization the tools to ensure your backups are securely accessed and are compliant with HIPAA regulations.


GreyMAR is a managed service which means you don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates for your PointClickCare EMAR backups. We’ve implemented powerful notifications, redundancy, and much more to ensure your organization stays operational using PointClickCare’s powerful EHR platform. We do all of this while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Learn more about our committment HIPAA Compliance.

Patient safety is #1 priority.

GreyMAR was built to ensure patients safety remains top priority. Allowing care givers to quickly and efficiently access critical MARs and TARs is GreyMAR’s sole purpose. GreyMAR is enhancing the LTC industry and it’s robustness to stay operational no matter what. Coupled with GreyOS, all of your devices can instantly turn into a backup station when there is an outage. It’s just another way we’re enhancing your ability to ensure patients safety.


Show your commitment to your resident safety.

Give your resident family members a sense of comfort and utilize our media kit during tours.


Med Management Simplified

Focus on patient care, not system outages

  • GreyMAR and OS work together to improve your PointClickCare experience
  • We push maintenance and outage notification to every device
  • In the event of an outage
  • all devices flip to emergency mode
  • We'll alert you when the provider or internet goes back up
  • Your backups are encrypted-at-rest to comply with storage regulations
  • Med Management Simplified
  • Upload Your Own Documents

    Build your emergency preparedness with GreyMAR

    • Upload your own documents to GreyMAR for fast dispersal
    • Every 60 seconds we check if PointClickCare is operational
    • We provide intuitive and easy access to MARs and TARs
    • We maintain truly real-time knowledge of PointClickCare Outages
    • Your data is encrypted at rest and unreadable
  • Upload Your Own Documents
  • Computer Issue Free

    GreyOS resolves your computer issues

    • Our healthcare operating system resolves your IT issues
    • No data can be saved to the device by design
    • We push PointClickCare outage notifications to every device
    • GreyOS will automatically switch to GreyMAR during an outage
    • GreyOS can revitalize devices with an average 6x speedboost
  • Computer Issue Free
    • We’re recognized as a national emergency provider.

      GreyMAR is hosted by GreySignal, Inc., a corporation that is recognized under the Department of Homeland Security Telecommunications Services Priority program. We are authorized to receive priority treatment for our vital circuits that power our infrastructure to ensure that your organization stays operational during emergencies. This authorization is reserved only for service providers that host or cary national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) organization data. As a healthcare service provider, GreySignal has received this authorization.



      What’s this mean for me?

      If a major natural disaster or ISP outage was to occur, by law, the utility or ISP carrier must restore our services first. This means that we have the best uptime and restoration times during national emergencies that are mass affective to our customers.




      We’ve built a beautiful operating system that can be installed on virtually any hardware and effectively run PointClickCare EMAR or POC modules. If your PointClickCare goes down, the system automatically turns every device in your facility to a GreyMAR disaster recovery station, giving your staff virtually zero downtime. GreyMAR OS is an instruction-less solution that just works.



      On average a facility utilizes between three to four year old computing equipment to run their EHR software. Utilizing GreyMAR OS, our testing confirms it is 6x faster than the standard operating system available on the market.

      30 SEC


      We built GreyOS for the non-IT individual, allowing anyone to install GreyOS in 30 seconds, without the need of an IT helping hand.


      See how facilities are using GreyOS and revitalizing their equipment

      GreyMAR is the #1 choice for disaster recovery in healthcare.


      If the internet goes down that is a major deal to modern facilities that are integrated with EMAR. Through research and experience, we’ve found that most clinicians are in the dark about the facilities emergency procedures for when these outages happen. Staff is directed to call the Director of Nursing or Administrator, possibly a Clinical Operations Director in these events.

      Concerns you should consider:


      • Who maintains your current backup solution?
      • If the device was stolen, is your PHI at risk?
      • How are you alerted if your backups are outdated?
      • How are you alerted if your backup doesn’t complete?
      • Does your staff know and understand how to utilize your system?
      • What if there is a power outage?
      • What if there is an internet outage?
      • What if there is a large area-wide outage of some sort?
      • What if the files are corrupted?
      • Are you complying with regulations on who has access to the backups?

      “Nursing staff in our building now has a go-to when PointClickCare or the internet is down.”

      Tina Rodriguez, Assistant Administrator

      Patient care can’t wait for IT.


      GreyMAR was designed by a team of healthcare IT professionals that have a combined experience of fifty years assisting healthcare facility during outages. GreyMAR was designed with meticulously crafted code to ensure you received the best available EMAR disaster recovery in the industry.

      Nursing staff in our building now has a go-to when PointClickCare or the internet is down.

      Tina Rodriguez

      The Phoenix Rehabilitation

      Trying to maintain our own backup system was becoming a nightmare.

      Avi Katz

      Diamond Peek Rehabilitation