With GreyMAR you can…


    • Modernize your emergency preparedness strategies
    • Streamline your facilities and Life Safety audits
    • Centralize storage of Policies & Procedures, POCs and more
    • Unify employee onboarding and offboarding procedures
    • Analyze and report on your survey data
    • Build interactive training and education
    • Control costs and implement an invoice approval process


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We put your facility on Autopilot

Say goodbye to hundreds of binders laying around your facility for manuals, log books, maintenance requests and whatever else you may have sitting around. GreyMAR allows organizations full control of their policies, procedures, manuals, plans of correction, and so much more. Staff can create, edit, and publish documents to their entire organization within seconds. Documents are lockable, addressable and link easily to Plans of Correction, invoices, contracts, and more.


GreyMAR is a managed service which means you don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates either, giving IT a breather. We’ve implemented powerful notifications, system automation, and much more to ensure your organization stays operational, even during system outages.

Offline MAR/TAR Made Easy

GreyMAR provides an efficient, secure, offline method to access MARs and TARs and is crafted to seamlessly work with LTC facilities. We allow nursing to easily and intuitively gain access to their patient data even when the internet is down.


A central hub for everything in your facility

Facilities & Life Safety

A fully fledged facilities management software designed to allow maintenance workorders to be submitted into one central location. Maintenance can have a centralized spot to document their equipment, track assets, and even manage Life Safety and other regulatory requirement reminders.

Electronic Policies & Procedures

A policies and procedures module that extends deep into your facility; synchronize employees with proper policies and procedures according to their job description and department. You can instantly request employees to electronically sign all manuals one time, monthly, or many other time frequencies.

Contracts & Relationships

GreyMAR houses all of your vendor contracts, their related invoices, and manages their renewals for you. Get alerted for contract termination notices and view all of your AP history in one place. Invoices can even be approved by an administrator before AP processes an invoice.

Centralized Phonebook

Put all of your facility contacts into one central phonebook, including all employees, vendors, external contacts, and more. Every employee will be able to view them in one central location and you can setup staff members to manage the global address book.

Survey Readiness & Management

Your Plan of Corrections and QAPIs can link to deficiencies to help you understand and analyze where your policies and procedures may need fine tuning. We include many types of reports to help you correlate data between specific functions in your facility.

File Archive

GreyMAR gives your team an easy way to archive your data. Simply have your IT team setup a button on your copiers and any documents you scan instantly gets put into your File Archive within GreyMAR. Our infrastructure is HIPAA compliant so your PHI is safe, too.

HR & License Monitoring

All employees are in GreyMAR, therefore your HR staff can store information in our dedicated Employee Manager. Whether it’s demographics, financial, or tax information, we provide an easy to use interface. Upload documents and track nursing licensure – even get alerted if a nurses license is coming due.

Onboarding & Offboarding

We make it possible to have staff electronically fill out all HR documents during onboarding. Whether it’s a W4, Sexual Harrassment policy, or a Resident Safety procedure, your workflow can be broard enough for all employees but fine tuned enough down to a specific job title or department.

eFax Service

Say goodbye to POTS lines and old fashioned fax machines. Staff can utilize GreyMAR’s online eFax service and send faxes using our highly redundant service. Store all faxes online for compliancy while giving the reliability of an eFax solution. We even integrate with most major copier brands to make the experience seamless.

Admissions Agreements

Make your admissions agreements electronic with GreyMAR. Create an easy to use experience for family members with video guides, easy to use buttons, and a branded experience for your new patients.

Medicaid Application Console

Create, manage, and store medicaid applications within GreyMAR and request electronic signatures of your documents. Prefill many common fields and upload documents and data to centralize the storage of your medicaid data.

Patient Scheduling

Centralize your patient scheduling into one easy to use drag and drop calendar. Patients family members, doctors, or staff members can be alerted instantly over email or text to ensure they know what’s going on. You can even utilize our TV dashboard to display on your units or front desk.

Visitor Signatures

Create an amazing experience for visitors coming into your facility with GreyMAR. Have them electronically sign their name and be presented with directions to visit with their family member.

Emergency Phone System

GreyMAR can reroute all of your facility phone calls to our cloud during phone system outages. This allowed your facility to still receive and make phone calls during outages. When the system comes back up, we send your calls back to your own phone system automatically.

...and more

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Trusted during Hurricane Irma

GreyMAR’s effective EMAR backup module is utilized during natural disasters and major emergencies across the globe. Learn about our partnership with organizations that demand a disaster recovery solution built for any situation.