A complete LTC emergency preparedness solution



Even when the internet is down, GreyMAR has copies of your EHR data readily available locally



If in the event your EHR is down, GreyMAR has a backup copy of all MARs, TARs and Behavior data



GreyMAR can provide your staff with access to MARs and TARs even if your community has no power



GreyMAR has built-in eFax capability which allows you to send and receive faxes efficiently in one system



GreyMAR manages your facility disaster training, QAPI, and Plan of Correction compliance processes and documents



If your phone lines or phone system is down, calls can still route through GreyMAR at the carrier level


Easy offline MAR/TAR

GreyMAR provides an efficient, secure, offline method to access MARs and TARs and is crafted to seamlessly work with LTC facilities. We allow nursing to easily and intuitively gain access to their patient data even when the internet is down.


Mitigate risk with GreyMAR

GreyMAR’s Compliance module allows organizations full control of their policies, procedures, manuals, and plans of correction. Staff can create, edit, and publish documents to their entire organization within seconds. Documents are lockable, addressable and link easily to Plans of Correction.


GreyMAR is a managed service which means you don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates for your EHR backups. We’ve implemented powerful notifications, system automation, and much more to ensure your organization stays operational and compliant during system outages. We do all of this while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

We’re recognized as a national emergency provider

GreyMAR is hosted by GreySignal, Inc., a corporation that is recognized under the Department of Homeland Security Telecommunications Services Priority program. We are authorized to receive priority treatment for our vital circuits that power our infrastructure to ensure that your organization stays operational during emergencies. This authorization is reserved only for service providers that host or cary national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) organization data. As a healthcare service provider, GreySignal has received this authorization.


Committed to better emergency management

If a major natural disaster or ISP outage was to occur, by law, the utility or ISP carrier must restore GreyMAR services first. This means that we have the best uptime and restoration times during national emergencies to make sure your facilities remain operational.

Patient care can’t wait for IT.


GreyMAR was designed by a team of healthcare IT professionals that have a combined experience of fifty years assisting healthcare facility during outages. GreyMAR was designed with meticulously crafted code to ensure you received the best available EMAR disaster recovery in the industry.