Maximize your PDPM capture

GreyMAR lets you view, scrub, and see side by side the residents hospital stay, any PDPM NTA points that can be captured using our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, and captured data in PointClickCare.

Allow your MDS team to make informed decisions on your PDPM capture, NTA categories, and ARD date.


Contact families within seconds

Send emails, texts, or record your voice and automatically call family members in your facility. Family members will hear the familiar and friendly voice of your administrator in crystal clear audio.

GreyMAR makes communicating to your family members easy and quick. We’ll also maintain logs to ensure your have an audit trail during any investigations.

Get setup to comply with regulations today!


GreyMAR, the A to Z software for healthcare

You rely on fast communication. You need lightning speed results and decluttered information. You dream of having your entire facility accessible from your phone. Your employees need increasingly more access from their mobile devices.

Say goodbye to a hundred of binders laying around your facility for manuals, log books, maintenance requests and whatever else you may have sitting around. GreyMAR allows organizations full control of their policies, procedures, manuals, plans of correction, and so much more. Staff can create, edit, and publish documents to their entire organization within seconds. Documents are lockable, addressable and link easily to Plans of Correction, invoices, contracts, and more.


GreyMAR integrates with services your organization already utilizes such as:

With GreyMAR you can…


  • Modernize your entire organization’s workflows
  • Streamline your PDPM reimbursements and NTA calculations
  • Centralize storage of Policies & Procedures, POCs and more
  • Unify employee onboarding and offboarding procedures
  • Analyze and report on your survey data
  • Build interactive training and education
  • Control costs and implement an invoice approval process


and much more… Start Here


Offline MAR/TAR Made Easy

GreyMAR provides an efficient, secure, offline method to access MARs and TARs and is crafted to seamlessly work with LTC facilities. We allow nursing to easily and intuitively gain access to their patient data even when the internet is down.


How can we help you today?

Facilities & Life Safety

Organize and complete your Life Safety checklists. A fully fledged maintenance system for your documentation, work orders, and more.

Electronic Policies & Procedures

Centralize and create uniformity with your policies and procedures. Setup automated electronic signatures for your policies and allow employees to view and sign off on manuals from their phone.

Contracts & Relationships

A central repository for your facility contracts, vendor relationships, accounts payable, and more. A fully functional accounts payable workflow software, tuned to the unique needs of healthcare.

HR & License Monitoring

Manage nursing license expirations, track write ups, give awards and recognition, survey employees and more. You can even give limited access to your supervisors to write employees up if need be.

Survey Readiness & Management

Manage your Plans of Corrections, QAPIs, and deficiency tracking in one spot. Allow your facilities to “copy” documents from one another, giving your team more time for patient care and less time rewriting the same Plan of Correction your sister facility created.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Create and maintain a uniform onboarding and offboarding procedure for your facility. From a beautiful and elegant onboarding process to ensuring you get equipment returned upon an employee leaving.

eFax Service

An advanced eFax service that allows you to capture faxes electronically and send them to your email and archive them within the platform. You can even use our copier integration to give the impression of a hard line fax on your copiers.

Admissions Agreements

Track, electronically sign, and create admissions agreement right within GreyMAR. Synchronize the signed agreement right into your EHR documents tab.

Medicaid Application Console

Automatically prefill your MA applications and options forms with GreyMAR. Allow family members to sign the documents electronically with you, or review them from the comfort of their own home.

Mass Texting

Send mass emails or text messages to employees, family members, agency, or more with our mass notifications.

PDPM and Cost Calculation

Utilize our artificial intelligence to uniquely scrub PRI documents and Discharge summaries during the referral process to estimate NTA points, high cost medications, and more.

Patient Scheduling

Centralized and organized patient scheduling with our drag and drop scheduler gives your facility a uniquely tuned perspective on your patients schedules, giving the right staff members, doctors and family members ample notification of the upcoming appointments.

Visitor Signatures

Vet visitors coming into the facility with our visitor signatures. Create exit surveys, get email reports weekly, and notification when someone leaves you a certain number of stars on a review.

TV Dashboards

Many modules in GreyMAR provide a real-time auto updating dashboard that can be setup in the administrators office, the maintenance shop, and more.

...and more

We’re continuously developing. Let us know if you’re interested in a specific feature.


Trusted during Hurricane Irma

GreyMAR’s effective EMAR backup module is utilized during natural disasters and major emergencies across the globe. Learn about our partnership with organizations that demand a disaster recovery solution built for any situation.