GreyMAR announces free service for Hurricane Irma victims

GreyMAR announces that it’s flagship service is being offered free of charge to all facilities that are affected by the hurricanes affecting the lower part of the United States. GreyMAR is committed to ensuring operational healthcare facilities and ensuring patient safety.

GreyMAR’s MAR and TAR disaster recovery for PointClickCare solution will include eFax and Custom Documents modules (separate add-ons being provided free of charge) as well to ensure fax capabilities are operational. Service is able to be setup within minutes and allows clinicians and administrators to upload documents into electronic storage for safekeeping and fast staff distribution.

It is also recommended to contact our IT Help Desk if your facility needs additional IT resources.

We have posted free resources to help you plan at both of these links.

To get your facility setup on please contact us at 412-567-6300

** This offer has since ended

GreyMAR is the #1 EMAR disaster recovery suite

GreyMAR enhances your Long Term Care organization’s ability to stay operational during major system outages. Our solution ensures your EMAR backups are able to be accessed 24/7 regardless of system outages.


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