Did you survive the impact of the record breaking Bomb Cyclone?

Last week the East Coast was blasted with Grayson, a “bomb cyclone” smothering us with heavy snow and winds setting multiple records.

Preparing for the blast of the Bomb Cyclone

If you’ve watched the news or opened Facebook, you’ve probably heard about the “Bomb Cyclone” that’s blasting the East Coast. But what exactly is a bomb cyclone and how can you prepare for it?

First off, the intimidating name doesn’t actually refer to the storm itself. The storm has been named Grayson. Instead, bomb cyclone, refers to the occurrence of events as the weather unfolds. The formal term for this is bombogenesis and refers to winds rotating the same direction as Earth in a region where the pressure of the atmosphere is lower than sea level. Essentially, this causes the winds to form a cyclone in the center of the region and the moisture causes precipitation. The lower the pressure drops within a cyclone, the more extreme of a storm occurs.

Considering it’s unseasonably cold in most of the region and Grayson’s pressure has dropped even further than needed to confirm his bomb status, it’s important to be prepared. This explosion of a storm is happening in areas where snow accumulation and chilly temperatures are less usual which means limiting your exposure to the storm is your best option.

Unfortunately we haven’t figured out how to control the weather, but GreyMar promises to have your back when a natural disaster strikes. Hospitals, assisted living facilities, and more can keep their patients safe with the following tips.

In areas where winter road prepping isn’t common, deliveries could be postponed for days due to road conditions. Staff should stock up on surgical supplies, medication, food, and anything else critical to get through the day. Some facilities make arrangements at local hotels so staff can commute safely. This ensures enough staff on hand.

By postponing any voluntary surgeries, rescheduling discharges, and encouraging late term pregnant patients to come in earlier for surprise deliveries, facilities can take the steps to limit any risks.

After 14 nursing home residents died in outages during hurricane season, facilities everywhere have been upping their preparedness. Precautions to consider are: checking on emergency equipment, food, and water, have plenty of generators ready, ensure the heat system is operable, have extra blankets on hand, and plan for an evacuation if necessary.

Another worry to consider is backing up your MARs and TARs. We can’t change the weather, but you can trust GreyMar’s backup system to keep updated MAR’s and TAR’s stored on our cloud. You could have no generator, no power, and no internet and you’d still have a fully functional GreyMar cart from which you can print your PointClickCare MAR’s and TAR’s.

To make sure you’re covering all your bases, make a checklist of what you need to do. Stay updated on if Grayson’s path with collide with your’s with your local forecast. You can visit greymar.io for more information on our disaster recovery service specifically designed for EHR.

Lines May be Blurred with Alzheimer’s Patients

Dan Freeman, a dedicated and aggressive personal injury attorney, who contributes to the Florida Nursing Home Lawyer Blog, brought up an interesting yet touchy subject when it comes to Alzheimer’s patients; Sexual Assault or Consensual Sex?

In the post, Freeman states:

“A nursing home in California voluntarily closed, displacing some 125 residents, amid allegations of sexual assault involving two patients. The facility will close permanently next month, and residents will be sent to one of three other facilities operated by the same owner.

But the question of what happened – and whether it was in fact abuse – still lingers, and it’s one that has arisen numerous times in nursing homes in Florida too, as well as across the country.

The Sacramento Bee reported one of the patients involved was a 79-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s. The other was a 70-year-old man who was cognitively intact. The man had been observed months earlier touching the woman’s breast. When the incident occurred, he later told investigators she initiated the contact, taking off her clothes and calling him ‘darling.’ The woman told investigators she had made love to her husband, who is deceased.”

You can read the rest of Freeman’s blog post at here.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

As a facility admin, how would you go about handling this situation?

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We know that not everyone is  tech-savvy. That’s why we have developed a software that transforms technology into a seamless one-step click. Geared towards the health care industry, this development has revolutionized the security of EMAR’s for patients, giving the faculty a rest-easy approach to any technological mishap. GreyMar is hosted by GreySignal, Inc., a corporation that is recognized under the Department of Homeland Security Telecommunications Services Priority. Our service is very unique as it “floats” to other data centers in the event of an emergency. This means that depending on your location within the United States, our application may be served out to you at a closer data center, allowing the service to load faster and more securely. GreyMar has done the impossible and made PointClickCare backup easy.

When it comes to an emergency back up plan, most facilities are not comfortable with their system. With GreyMar, you can ensure that your patients MAR’s and TAR’s will be safe and sound due to the revolutionary backup system GreyMar provides. We’ve thought of everything when it comes to our service. Whether PointClickCare is having an outage, the power is out, the internet refuses to work, or even if there is a natural disaster in your area. GreyMar will protect the most recent MAR’s and TAR’s and allow you to retrieve them using an all encompassing cart.

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