Electronic Policy & Procedures

Conformity and centralization of your compliance

Policy & Procedure Centralization

GreyMAR effectively stores and manages your policies and procedures in one central area. Create and edit manuals, publish them to departments or all employees and track their acknowledgement of the documents.

GreyMAR allows you to:

  • Set schedules how often an employee needs to acknowledge a manual
  • Provides corporate templates for your entire organization
  • Allows you to receive reports of your facility compliance score
  • Tracks and reports on your deficiencies and helps you understand what policies or procedures are lacking

PDPM Education made easy

More organizations are choosing GreyMAR as their education dispersal partner. GreyMAR provides the necessary tools to disperse, train, and report on internal compliance quickly and easily. Staff can create an interactive training course or policies utilizing text, images, videos, and more. These courses can then be dispersed with a click of a button to any department, an entire building or even entire chain.


Pre and Post Testing Built In

Keep your employee files clean and electronic – introducing Acknowledgements as part of the Compliance module. Acknowledgements alert your employees that they need to sign off on documents electronically. Whether it’s a Hoyer Lift Policy or an Emergency Admissions Procedure, it can be entered into GreyMAR. Pre and post their knowledge prior to allowing them to sign off on the document.

Configurable Frequency

Configure manuals on a per-document basis on how frequently employees should be requested to re-acknowledge the document. This will ensure every employee is refreshed on your organizations policies on your terms.


Do you want to have all employees within a certain department sign off on a document but exclude a few employees? Simply set those employees in the exclusions list.


All Policy and Procedure Features

Revison Tracking

Track every change to every document with our built-in revision tracking. Whether you changed a paragraph, added a few videos, or removed that poor grammar, we track it all. Don’t like a change? Simply go back to a previous version instantly.

Make Policies Come Alive

Easily add videos, pictures and attachments to your manuals. For example – you could create a Hoyer Lift Policy with a video fo how to use one, attach the users manual, and pictures of different functions of the device.

Staff Acknowledgement Automation

Manuals can be setup to ensure that employees sign off on them routinely, all automatically. Based on the employees job title and department GreyMAR can require them to acknowledge any policy or procedure in the system routinely every week, month, quarter, yearly, and more.

Weekly Emailed Reports

Receive a weekly PDF report of your employees compliance of every manual that you create to ensure your facility is compliant. Instantly get a birds eye view of your facility compliance from a policies and procedure standpoint.

Corporate Templates

Sometimes a facility should utilize a template from corporate rather than making their own. GreyMAR features a Template Library, allowing your corporate staff members to create and manage templates you can use. For example if your facility needs a Smoking Policy, simple make a copy from the corporate template.

Auto Saving

Every document auto saves every few seconds to ensure you don’t lose your work. As soon as you open a document to begin working on it, your progress is saved so those really good videos you found for nursing aren’t lost.


Smart Reminders

When your facility policies and procedures are inputted into GreyMAR, we keep track of when you want them re-acknowledged and signed off. Simply set the frequency for the document and we’ll do the rest.

Hiring a new employee means you can simply set their job title and all relative policies and procedures are put into the employees portal to be signed off on.


Integrated with other modules

Utilizing the compliance module within GreyMAR gives you additional benefits throughout the product, giving you unprecedented visibility into your facility.

  • Report on any employee’s compliance record in totality
  • Provide analytics based on the number and types of deficiencies your facility has received and recommend Manual changes based on this data
  • Intelligently report on each job titles and/or departments compliance in a few clicks


GreyMAR offers the ability to see at the document level and also department and building levels. Visiting the Compliance Dashboard allows you to click an employee and see all documents assigned to them and their status.

Employees are alerted via email when they have an acknowledgement due. The email will contain information that is relevant such as who’s requested the signature, facility name, and a direct link to sign the document.


You can store unlimited documents in GreyMAR and request unlimited acknowledgements of the documents.

Staff members can go to one area to view all documents signed, whether it’s manuals, job descriptions or their W4.

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