Relationship Management

Facility vendors and contracts management

AP and Contracts Management

Create, store, and manage all of your facility and corporate relationships from within GreyMAR’s Contracts module. See your contract side-by-side with currently open invoices or the terms of the agreement.

Create workflows that require departments or the administrator to sign off on invoices before it can be processed by accounts payable.

GreyMAR provides the ability to:

  • Manage all MTM or Contracts within the software
  • Capture invoices that can get attached right into a relationship
  • Gives certain users the ability to see vendor balances
  • View and track invoice aging and create financial reports

Reminders on Autopilot

When you input contract data (termination notices, contract end dates, renewal peridos) we take this data and formulate smart reminders for you and your team. Get alerted anytime that contracts are coming due or require a termination notice.

Internal Discussions

Discuss a contract using our internal discussions feature and keep things centralized into one area to discuss each topic.

Side by Side

Easily view the contract PDF directly next to the terms in an easy to view window, giving you unprecedented visibility into your facility relationship.


Flexible Approval Workflows

Keep track of invoices and have all applicable parties sign off on purchases to ensure normalcy and accountability is maintained. GreyMAR allows you to create a workflow for your invoices that give you a paper trail of activities.

Easy To Use

Signing off on invoices can be daunting – this is why we created GreyMAR to ensure that staff members clearly knew what they’re signing off on.

Efficient eSign Process

Your entire AP workflow can be electronic using GreyMAR. Electronic signatures are effective and a compliant method of approval.


All Contract Management Features

Centralized Hub

GreyMAR’s keeps all of your relationships together in one central area for your organization. Easily search through every relationship and vendor your organization uses.

Renewal Notices

GreyMAR will automatically alert you when there are upcoming contracts due for renewal or when a termination notice deadline is approaching.

Invoicing Workflow

Your facility can easily scan invoices directly into the system – no need to download and upload. Invoices can be categories and assigned to staff members to sign off to be paid.

Budgetary Calculator

Calculate your monthly costs all within GreyMAR. No matter what you input for fees on each contract, we automatically calculate your monthly costs for you.


When you have a contract ending, automatically apply a successor to replace the contract. We’ll do the rest on the back end for you.

Stage & Lifecycle Management

Manage your entire lifecycle of the contract right within GreyMAR. Whether a contract is under consideration, in negotiations, or executed, we’ll keep track it for you.

Password Manager

We’ve made a password manager for you to keep all of your accounts centralized to each building. Passwords are stored in 256-bit encryption too, so they’re safe.

Direct Invoice Input

Your IT can setup a specialized icon on your copiers to scan invoices directly into the system without emailing to yourself just to download and upload.

Must Pay List

You can tag certain relationships as Must Pay, meaning when an invoice comes into the system it will automatically be set to approved for AP to process payment. For example if your internet vendor isn’t paid you could be without service.


Email Alerts for Renewals

We’ll track and monitor your renewals for you to ensure the appropriate parties are kept in the loop. Alerts provide you all of the information you want, including a copy of the contract in PDF format so it’s viewable right here, right now.


Simplistic, and Powerful

We make AP easy to understand by providing large buttons that act as filters through the application to ensure all staff members can understand every step in the process.


Integrates with our other modules

Data from the Relationships Module is integrated with other parts of the product giving the following feature examples:

  • Maintenance is able to view that a Fire Suppression vendor hasn’t came out for quarterly inspection because they haven’t been paid. Normally Maintenance would have to check with AP/Administrator who may have to reach out to corporate.
  • The IT vendor is able to see that a contract is coming due for equipment they manage, therefore alert their corporate IT contact.
  • Corporate is able to view AP across all buildings using one view.

Learn about our compliance module