Offline Documentation

A better way to access your EMAR during outages

Making Disaster Recovery Easy

GreyMAR works by connecting with your existing electronic health records (EHR) software and synchronizing to bring data into GreyMAR, which is then pushed to a localized device in your facility for ultimate redundancy.

Nursing is instantly present with MARs and TARs, allowing for documentation instantly during an outage with GreyMAR.

Make it easy to completely oversee your entire organizations backup policies and procedures utilizing GreyMAR’s EMAR backup module.

Integrates with software you’re already using:


Hardware + Software Monitoring

The local GreyMAR server in your building knows if something is wrong. It intelligently monitors itself and will report its status to you if something is wrong.

Temperature Monitoring

Computers can’t get too hot – that’s why the GreyMAR server monitors it’s internal temperature of all major components and alerts you if the room is too hot.

Self-Healing Networking

If there is an IT/networking issue in your building, the GreyMAR server can detect this and automatically correct itself. It can even connect to nearby WiFi networks and securely download MARs/TARs during an elongated networking issue.


All-Encompassing Backup Software


Synchronize your MARs/TARs with your current EHR and let everything run on autopilot. Your data is synchronized every fifteen minutes.

Admin Console

Get an overview of all of your GreyMAR services in one easy dashboard giving you complete visibility over your entire backup infrastructure.

Logging and Audit Trails

Setup granular security permissions and create audit trails to view activity within the system in a few clicks.

Temperature & Disk Monitoring

Get realtime disk status and temperature monitoring of your GreyMAR services to ensure you’re proactive with remediating any situation.

4G LTE Connected

Purchase an optional GreyMAR Disaster Recovery Cart and get 10 hours of battery life, a dedicated on-cart printer, 4G connection and more.

HIPAA Compliant

GreyMAR provides a HIPAA compliant EHR backup solution giving you 256-bit encryption and TLS-secured transport of data.


Trusted during Hurricane Irma

GreyMAR’s effective EMAR backup module is utilized during natural disasters and major emergencies across the globe. Learn about our partnership with organizations that demand a disaster recovery solution built for any situation.


Simple Interface

Staff wants an easy to use system, and that includes an easy to use disaster recovery system. We’ve made a large and intuitive interface to allow for easy navigation and usage. Nurses are instantly presented with the information they need at the speed they expect.


Disaster Recovery Cart

GreyMAR offers an optional Disaster Recovery Cart that provides all of the necessary tools to function during a complete internet, power, and EHR outage.

The cart features a breadth of features that ensures you can document and access MARs/TARs in any situation.

10 Hour Battery Pack

Documentation is easy when you have a 10 hour battery pack built onto our medical grade GreyMAR Disaster Recovery (DR) cart.

100% Offline Capable

The cart is able to operate without internet and has your MARs/TARs downloaded so there is no internet requirement to operate.

Built-In Printer

If you’re ready to print MARs/TARs and don’t have building power to your copiers, utilize the built in printer on the cart.

Medical Grade

Our cart is medical grade and is approved to be in facilities with regulatory requirements. Additional cabinetry and drawers can be ordered and installed on any cart.

Looks great, works fast

GreyMAR works on any modern operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux, and GreyOS. Pair GreyMAR with GreyOS and get a dedicated EHR workstation that can flip between your EHR and backup system.


You are able to configure who you wish to access your EMAR backups from within the GreyMAR Security Dashboard.

GreyMAR is a cloud based solution that includes a local component. It will synchronize with the cloud service to bring all data into your facility to ensure reliability during a major outage.


GreyMAR is accessible in a few clicks for staff members.

GreyMAR is built to be highly redundant and is hosted on the world renowned Google Cloud infrastructure, giving us ultimate reliability. Visit our status page to view our uptime history.

Staff can access information either by our cloud app, or a local device that is in the facility. Please contact us for a demo of how our service works.

Learn about our dedicated infrastructure