Nurse Friendly Interface

A simple and clean way to access EMAR backups with minimal clicks

Instant access to MARs & TARs

GreyMAR makes it easy for nursing to access MARs and TARs. Meticulously designed interface elements make it simple for a nurse to login straight to what they need the most.

Large buttons to navigate

Outages and disasters are devastating enough, that’s why our focus on GreyMAR’s interface was to make it simple enough navigate in high stress situations.

Looks great, works fast

GreyMAR provides everything nursing needs to access the offline system. Whether your facility utilizes older equipment, or newer, GreyMAR works great and is built to be extremely fast. GreyMAR also works seamlessly with GreyOS.


Your organization can setup roles in your company for users that are specific to their job functions. For example, your organization can give a regional nurse the ability to see and edit MARs and TARs for their buildings, but not the rest of the company.

GreyMAR runs on Google Chrome as it’s primary supported browser. Google Chrome utilizes many state-of-the-art security functions that GreyMAR takes advantage of to provide the most secure experience for our customers. Your IT administrator can setup Google Chrome as your browser for GreyMAR, no additional downloads needed.


If you use Windows PCs, your IT administrator can place an icon on your desktop. If you use GreyOS, the computer will automatically log you into the backup system with no clicks.

GreyMAR is powered by GreySignal, a company recognized as a national emergency provider.

GreyMAR has a local server than sits in your building that your organization utilize. The local server is always accessible in your facility. GreyMAR is available available using your mobile devices.

Learn about working offline with MARs and TARs