Chart without internet

GreyMAR allows staff to work even without an internet connection

Work offline with ease

GreyMAR provides an efficient, secure, offline method to access MARs and TARs and is crafted to seamlessly work with LTC facilities. We allow nursing to easily and intuitively gain access to their patient data even when the internet is down.

With GreyMAR, outages no longer cripple a facility. Staff will be operational during any type of outage, and have all of the necessary tools needed to provide resident care. GreyMAR’s ecosystem of tools allows your facility to operate without any interruptions.

Get notified of backup problems

GreyMAR is all about communication. When your GreyMAR server can’t connect to the internet, we’re making sure you know about it. It’s important that your device stays connected to the internet to ensure the latest MARs/TARs get synced to your facility.

Protect offline patient data

GreyMAR is built to uphold HIPAA compliance requirements and ensure the security of data traveling between computing systems. Our software was written with industry best practices in mind, along with additional safeguards to ensure there is no compromise at any point traveling between GreyMAR’s web services to your facility.


GreyMAR offline mode is meant to be seamless between online and offline, so they look exactly the same.

GreyMAR is a managed service, meaning we manage the backup devices for you.

GreyMAR monitors connections between your building and the GreyMAR Cloud, ensuring constant communication. If connection is interruption, your organization is notified as well as the GreyMAR support team.


Yes, we combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected. All data is encrypted-at-rest on our platform and is unable to be accessed, even by our staff. Learn more about our commitment to HIPAA compliance.

GreyMAR is powered by GreySignal, a nationally recognized cloud services provider. If you would like to see our stats for yourself, click here.

All data is transmitted, stored, and accessed using a plethora of encryption and security technique. Please refer to our technical specifications page for more information.

GreyMAR has proprietary programmatic intelligence built in to ensure that before we backup MARs and TARs from PointClickCare, we ensure it’s the latest version and it is able to be opened and read by a human.

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