The best disaster recovery suite on the market.

Emergencies in your facility can be devastating resulting in reduced patient care and attention. With GreyMAR's emergency suite of tools, you can significantly reduce chaos during any type of emergency or evacuation.

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Trusted by over 600+ providers including

Healthcare Operation Software
Healthcare Operation Software
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Healthcare Operation Software
Healthcare Operation Software
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform

Share critical information fast

GreyMAR’s cutting-edge technology will allow you send critical patient information to their next location during an evacuation.

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Constant Synchronization PointClickCare Integration * Location Tracking Compatible with all providers IT Admin Console Zero Setup Required Logging and Audit Trails Instant Email Alerting Easy Offline Access Mobile App Industry Leading * Some feature have usage costs or addtl fees

Some of our features in our emergency suite

emergency wristbands

Track patients during evacuations

Utilizing cutting-edge wristband technology, you can track your patients whereabout during evacuations as well as share critical information with other providers.

  • Track patients completely offline

  • Securely share medical records

  • PointClickCare Integration

  • Share facesheets

  • Share medications

  • Requires no apps or installation

  • Fast and easy to use

  • Hosted with High-Availability

Family Wall

On demand KARDEX and Facesheets

In the event of an emergency, GreyMAR's powerful EHR integrations generate a multitude of forms with your pre-filled patient data. Trust GreyMAR during any outage.

  • Bulk or single printing

  • EHR Synchronization

  • Historical Data Tracking

  • Available from any device

  • Reliable & Secure Platform

  • Pre-Filled with Patient Data

  • Always-Available

  • Replicated from PointClickCare

  • Audit Logs of Access

  • Fast & Easy to Access

“GreyMAR changed how we connect with families”

Judah Zutler, LNHA

Why GreyMAR

A disaster recovery platform that brings it all together

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Updates everyday

Daily updates ensure our customers have the cutting-edge features they need to efficiently manage operations.

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GreyMAR is hosted on a world class infrastructure with multi-region high availability (MRHA) nodes across the globe.

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Built with security in mind, GreyMAR has a multitude of active certifications for it's datacenter locations.

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Human support

Dedicated world class support that is here to help you tackle any of your endeavors.

Start protecting your patients today.

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