An unmatched compliance platform.

Considered one of our flagship features, we developed an industry leading solution to provide your growing organization the tools it needs to flourish. Cut out the red tape and eliminate hassles with multiple platforms for compliance.

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New features every week. Improvements are made everyday.

Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform

Make compliance automated and smooth

GreyMAR connects important data and builds those tools other companies forget about.

To have a single place for everything

Build your compliance & QAPI plans in a single location with GreyMAR. Your IT department will love the sophisticated security roles.

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Connect the dots with internal tools

Auditing, tracking and many internal toolkits give your organization everything it needs to keep track of all aspects of compliance.

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Interactive manuals and educations

Build your company policies, procedures and educations in a single platform. Set up automatic reminders for staff all in a few clicks.

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Streamline compliance & operations

A suite of enterprise-level tools designed for healthcare.

GreyMAR makes compliance easy for your organization. Build your own workflow or use a pre-built solution to get up and running quickly. We'll make importing your files easy too.

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Enterprise-level Tools Survey Management Maintenance Task Tracking QAPI Toolkits and Auditing Life Safety Tracking TV Dashboards File Uploading and Hosting Mock Survey Tools Plan of Correction Management Revision History & Backups Active Document Ranges Historical Audit Reports Automated Employee Requests Text Reminders to Staff Deficiency Monitoring Weekly Email Reports Task Assignments * Some feature have usage costs or addtl fees

Why GreyMAR

We make compliance easy - at scale

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Seamless importing

GreyMAR developed powerful tools to make importing a seamless process.

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GreyMAR is hosted on a world class infrastructure with multi-region high availability (MRHA) nodes across the globe.

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Built with security in mind, GreyMAR has a multitude of active certifications for it's datacenter locations.

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Human support

Dedicated world class support that is here to help you tackle any of your endeavors.

Centralize Survey Documentation

Organize and centralize all of your facilities survey documentation from notices to State of Deficiencies to Plan of Corrections. GreyMAR can be customizable to any workflow you demand. Some example documents our customers store:

  • Policy & Procedures

  • Statement of Deficiencies

  • Plan of Corrections

  • Job Description Templates

  • QAPIs

  • Care Plans

  • Citation Letters

  • ...and more

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Deficiency Reporting & Monitoring

Track deficiencies and utilize our survey management toolkits to to assign tasks and setup weekly audits. Reporting and trends are highly configurable to match your internal workflow.

  • Flexible Auditing Workflow Builder

  • Setup Compliance Teams

  • Assignable Tasks

  • Survey Trend Reports

  • Email Alerting and Reports

  • Integration with CMS

  • CMS Star Tracking

  • Citation & SOD Tracking

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