Get HR & scheduling on the same page.

GreyMAR has a full human resource information system (HRIS) baked in, along with scheduling systems to synchronize and automate tasks.

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New features every week. Improvements are made everyday.

Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform

HR and scheduling software that works together

GreyMAR connects important data and builds those tools other companies forget about.

Employee survey tools

Send staff beautiful surveys to their phone to understand staff morale or simply gain insight on the next company event.

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Mass message employees

We can automatically send text messages to employees for messaging purposes or schedule updates.

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License and Certification Monitoring

Setup automated licensure and certification monitoring to automatically alert the right people if a staff member is out of compliance.

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Centralize all employee systems

Bring together the scheduling and HR software experience into one platform.

GreyMAR's employee and scheduling features are tightly integrated and provide unprecedented visibility into employee lifecycles. Track licensing, assign assets and handle call-offs with a breeze.

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Text Retrieval for Scheduling Automated Call-Off Processing Licensure Monitoring 100% Electronic Onboarding Request-to-Hire (RTH) Builder Comprehensive Dashboards Staff Messaging & Robocalls Hiring Workflow Builders Brand-able Company Portal Probation Monitoring Pay Rate Calculations Morale and Survey Tools Comprehensive Reporting Workspace Views Asset Assignment Payroll Synchronization Integrations & API * Some feature have usage costs or addtl fees

schedule smarter

Simple yet powerful scheduling

Drag and drop scheduling with unique features attuned to ever-changing landscape of healthcare staffing.

  • Schedule staff and agency

  • Staffing Requirement visualizations

  • Configurable employee rotations

  • Automated call-off filling

  • Seniority consideration features

  • Printable reports

  • Extremely easy to use interface

  • Post open shifts in one click

  • Deep integration into product

  • ...and so much more!

GreyMAR Bed Board

HR tools built for modern healthcare

Integrated tools and trackers allow for everything from morale surveying to license & certifications monitoring.

  • Track employee licenses

  • Build custom reports

  • Track calls offs, tardies, no shows

  • Track certifications

  • Secure online employee file

  • Secure document storage

  • Email reporting

  • Overtime monitoring and review

  • Integration with payroll providers

  • Email reports for corporate

  • Mass messaging your staff

  • Inventory management system

  • Employee retention reporting

  • New hire & termination workflows

  • Custom form creation

  • Onboarding checklists

  • One-click compliance checkup

  • ...and so much more!

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compliance improvement

Track staff immunizations with ease

Build a better PPD process with GreyMAR. Easily track your staff vaccinations and key immunizations with our integrated tracker.

  • Upload lab results

  • Analytics and email reports

  • At-a-glance compliance reviews

  • Follow-up reminders

  • Track Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis

  • Track Measles, Mumps & Rubella

  • Track Varicella & Hep B

  • Track COVID-19

  • Track Tuberculin & Results

  • ...and so much more!

GreyMAR Bed Board

Employee surveys & morale tools

Make it easy to obtain employee feedback with GreyMAR with survey and morale tools built into the platform.

  • Foster stronger workplace morale

  • Target groups of employees

  • Easy to use survey builder

  • Ask opinions on new policies

  • Gather insight on company events

  • Build employee morale

  • Understand employee needs

  • Corporate analytics

  • Email reporting

“I have now worked with GreyMAR at two different facilities. The product has grown noticeably and is still very user friendly. They also have the best and most responsive support department in the business!”

Steve Welhorsky, LNHA
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Why GreyMAR

A powerful combination of vital software in healthcare

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Daily update

Daily updates ensure our customers have the cutting-edge features they need to efficiently manage operations.

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GreyMAR is hosted on a world class infrastructure with multi-region high availability (MRHA) nodes across the globe.

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Built with security in mind, GreyMAR has a multitude of active certifications for it's datacenter locations.

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Human support

Dedicated world class support that is here to help you tackle any of your endeavors.

Build your own workflows

Restrict hiring in your communities utilizing our Request-To-Hire (RHT) workflow builders. We'll also track requests and report trends. Some of our favorites are:

  • Overtime (OT) management

  • New hire workflows

  • Audit Trails and Logging

  • Employee File Permissions

  • Employee raise approvals

  • New hire rate approvals

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