Connect with your patients & families with GreyMAR.

We make it easy for your facilities to connect with patients, families and visitors in never before seen ways. With a real-time integration into PointClickCare, Allscripts and other tools, we complete the patient data loop.

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Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform
Trusted Feature Request Board Platform


Admissions needs to be quick, nursing needs to be efficient. Both need to connect with families.

We have 20+ years of combined healthcare experience to know what the industry demands from software. GreyMAR is software that tightly integrates with itself to ensure your staff can operate at absolute peak efficiency. Our customers favorite features are:

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Patient Management PointClickCare Integration Projection & Bed Board Electronic Family Forms Daily Census Reports Workspaces & UDAs Family Mass Messaging Belongings Tracking Medication Change Alerting Admissions and Census Alerts Visitor Management Visitation Scheduling Dedicated Family Portal Family Surveys QR and Barcoding Patient Wristbands NTA Point Scrubbing Don't see something? Ask us!

“We would not be able to connect with our families and give them timely updates if not for GreyMAR”


Aryeh Laufer


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Make your forms 100% electronic

Bring together the entire process. Your forms can now be electronic, whether it's an admissions agreement, medicaid application, COVID-19 acknowledgement - the possibilities are endless.

  • Electronic Signature Process

  • Enables Quicker Acceptance

  • Make any form electronic

  • Family can sign from their phone

“GreyMAR has simplified COVID communication with families. Proactive communication has never been easier and more successful.”

Aaron Levy, LNHA
Customer profile user interface

Plus a dedicated portal for families

Connect with families using a dedicated portal allowing them to have access to many functions that are unrivaled.

  • Electronic Admissions Agreements

  • Configurable Visitation Scheduling

  • Families can upload documents

  • Easy login and usability

“GreyMAR made it possible to communicate with our families during COVID seamlessly”

Simon Fuerst, LNHA
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Why GreyMAR

A tightly-integrated solution that brings it all together

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PointClickCare Integration

We deeply integrate with many popular healthcare platforms, including our friends at PointClickCare.

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GreyMAR is hosted on a world class infrastructure with multi-region high availability (MRHA) nodes across the globe.

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Built with security in mind, GreyMAR has a multitude of active certifications for it's datacenter locations.

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Human support

Dedicated world class support that is here to help you tackle any of your endeavors.

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