Lines May be Blurred with Alzheimer’s Patients

Dan Freeman, a dedicated and aggressive personal injury attorney, who contributes to the Florida Nursing Home Lawyer Blog, brought up an interesting yet touchy subject when it comes to Alzheimer’s patients; Sexual Assault or Consensual Sex?

In the post, Freeman states:

“A nursing home in California voluntarily closed, displacing some 125 residents, amid allegations of sexual assault involving two patients. The facility will close permanently next month, and residents will be sent to one of three other facilities operated by the same owner.

But the question of what happened – and whether it was in fact abuse – still lingers, and it’s one that has arisen numerous times in nursing homes in Florida too, as well as across the country.

The Sacramento Bee reported one of the patients involved was a 79-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s. The other was a 70-year-old man who was cognitively intact. The man had been observed months earlier touching the woman’s breast. When the incident occurred, he later told investigators she initiated the contact, taking off her clothes and calling him ‘darling.’ The woman told investigators she had made love to her husband, who is deceased.”

You can read the rest of Freeman’s blog post at here.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

As a facility admin, how would you go about handling this situation?

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