Facilities Management

Manage your workorders and life safety requirements

Plant Operations made easy

GreyMAR’s Building Management module allows you complete control of your facilities all within the GreyMAR ecosystem. Whether you want a full fledged work orders management system, a capable documentation system, or regulatory compliance software, Building Manager has it for you.

Keep track of everything needed to keep your facility plant operations running smoothly:

  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Easy to use maintenance submissions from staff
  • Life Safety checks routine maintenance reminders
  • Emailed reports for corporate staff members

Make Maintenance a Breeze

Work Orders

Staff can easily input maintenance requests with large buttons and touch screen enabled interfacing. All work orders are ordered and color coded in a simple system for your maintenance staff.

Flexible Documentation

We provide a unique interface that gives staff a side-by-side view of items they’re documenting. Upload and work with manuals, invoices and contracts while documenting maintenance – all on the same window.

Caters to All

Is your team not savvy with computers? Print out a task list for your guys and input the information later. We provide an easy function to print out a task list for work orders, Life Safety audits, and more.

Customizable Categories

Customize the available categories for staff to click when inputting a maintenance work order, giving you unique flexibility for each facility to ensure you capture the right details every time.

Detailed Notification

We’ll send out notifications based on different types of issues whether they’re critical, certain rooms, or even reported by a certain user. Alerts come instantly, so you’re always in real time with your facilities maintenance needs.

Built In

Because Building Manager is part of GreyMAR, your maintenance team is already familiar with the interface and can easily pick up the system. Unify your facilities maintenance with Building Manager tucked away and integrated with the rest of the GreyMAR platform.

Life Safety Regulations

Building Manager is built to help you manage, track, and report on your Life Safety regulatory requirements. Whether you need to have fire suppression equipment checked or the generator tested, Building Manager has you covered. Automated reminders and an easy to use interface makes it a disruptive partner in your facility.

  • Automated Reminders
  • Easy to Understand Auditing
  • Associative Documentation Tracking
  • Completely customizable software

Easily Submit Work Orders

GreyMAR’s Building Manager allows your staff to easily let your maintenance team know of any issues in the building easily. The page is touch-screen enabled and is easy to use for any staff member.

  • Configurable Categories (Equipment, Plumbing, etc)
  • Alerting based on priority
  • Alerting based on room or problem area
  • Instant submittal to maintenance

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