LTC HR Software

Onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between

Fast and Efficient Onboarding

Manage every step of your employees onboarding and offboarding workflow – from signing a W4 to a background check. HR can simply enter a few basic items and direct the employee to sit at a computer in the facility or at home and electronically sign all required documents easily and efficiently.

GreyMAR can automatically:

  • Create IT program and software access automatically
  • Provide an all encompassing onboarding platform
  • Report on employee activities such as disciplinary or raises
  • Easily unify all HR procedures within GreyMAR
  • Make the entire onboarding process electronic

Easier Scheduling

Scheduling is built into GreyMAR, making the sync between employees and your schedule a breeze. Setup your schedules, drag and drop employees onto shifts and publish.

We fully support call offs, shift swaps, and open shifts. We’ll even text others with an open shift immediately when that 11-7 RN calls off a few minutes before their shift.

Shift Texts

We know you don’t have time to send out mass messages and call everyone desperately searching for staff. We’ll automatically text employees on your behalf asking if someone can pickup a shift.

Real Time PPD

If you connect GreyMAR to your EHR, such as PointClickCare, we can automatically show the scheduler your PPD during their scheduling to ensure you meet regulatory requirements.


Organized Electronic Checklists

GreyMAR has a proprietary HR Checklist function that ensures your organization is uniform with all Human Resources documents and functions. Whether you need to verbally tell a new employee something, upload a file, or have them sign a certain document, HR Checklist helps you accomplish these tasks.

Job Title or Department

Sort HR Checklists by Job Title or Description to ensure the proper employees sign off on the documents you demand.

Comprehensive Employee View

Select any employee and easily see what they may be missing, whether it was a building tour, their TB shots form, or copy of their license on file.


HR Software Features

Template Creation

Easily create new templates that you need employees to sign off on. These templates can be used across the platform and require employees to fill out data and eSign the document.

Status Settings

Set an employees status, such as Vacation, Do-No-Return (DNR) and Suspended. Create additional statuses and report of your entire building’s employee health.

Hiring Workflow

Manage the entire hiring workflow using the workflow designer. Automatically have certain users sign off on documents, send copies of paperwork to another, and more.

Job Description Management

Set employee job descriptions in a single area and require that it be signed during orientation with a click of a button.

HR Checklists

Create a checklist for every employee that is electronic to ensure each employee is compliant. The HR Checklist features allows you to set documents as required but also internal checkoffs such as a checkbox option, file upload, and more.

Disciplinary Tracking

Track employee Activities, whether it’s disciplinary, bonuses, compliance issues, or general notes. You can even print out an entire history to discuss with management.

Pay Rates and Tax Collection

Input employee salary details and get a comprehensive view of pay rates including a facility wide view of real time pay rates to ensure staff is being paid fairly.

Probation Period Monitoring

Easily get a listing of employees who are within a 30, 60 or 90 day probationary period among other related probationary reports and views within the system.

Auto Account Disablement

If you suspend or terminate an account on GreyMAR, we’ll automatically disable their EHR, Computer and other eligible software accounts for you. If you re-enable them, we’ll do the same on the back end. No need to contact IT.

Sign it on GreyMAR

GreyMAR supports electronic signatures across the entire platform, making your ability to keep things uniform and centralized a breeze. Employees can sign into one place and sign all documents related to your organization.


Dedicated Orientation Workspace

Easily have IT setup GreyMAR on a dedicated GreyOS workstation for a beautiful single-purpose workstation for employees to go through orientation.

  • Stations can only onboard or train on GreyMAR
  • Displays your branding and logo when not in use
  • Runs a secure version of Linux
  • IT does not need to manage the device

Onboard Uniformity

GreyMAR is mobile friendly, so staff members can sign their acknowledgements on their own devices without needing to sit at a computer. All employees will go through a customized onboarding process with your organization branding.


Yes, we provide one centralized area that employees can view any document they’ve ever signed at your organization.

Yes, GreyMAR can create accounts as part of the Onboarding workflow.


You can import and upload any type of PDF document to be filled out in your organization. Whether it’s a W4, I9, or any other form you may need.

Documents that have been signed by employees are saved in the system until you wish to delete them.

Learn about working offline with MARs and TARs