Revenue Management

Increase revenue with our PDPM artificial intelligence

Know your bottom line before admission

Utilize our machine learning and artificial intelligence engines to thoroughly review your patients before they get into your building. Integrations with your referral software and EHR make things easy to ensure ARD dates are set to maximize reimbursement and monitor any conditions you see fit. On top of reimbursement, our patients module also bring together all of the information you care about.

GreyMAR can automatically:

  • Scrub PRI packets and discharge summaries seamlessly
  • Calculate PDPM CMI groups automatically
  • Calculate high cost medications during the referral process
  • Schedule patient transport and integrate with transport providers
  • Make MA and Admissions paperwork a breeze

Make your MDS Efficient

We’ll show you all of the possible NTA points you may be missing, including those items you may haver forgotten that the patient received treatment for during the hospital stay. We’ll build a list for you, calculate your NTA groupings, also have a list of possible costs that your facility may incur with the patient.

  • You Found
  • We Found

GreyMAR finds on average 2-3 additional NTA points for your facility resulting in additional revenue per patient day!


Syncs with PointClickCare

GreyMAR connects seamlessly with PointClickCare in real time, keeping data between GreyMAR and all of your software systems in real time. Data can be manipulated and offer relative Care Alerts based on Changes in Care (CIC) alerts that you can setup.

Change in Care Alerts

Setup an alert keyword you’d like us to sift through in all of your progress notes, orders, discharge summaries, and PRI packets. This gives you unprecedented visibility into your patients care needs.

Platform Search

Utilize GreyMAR to search a patients entire medical record with data from multiple systems pulled into a single dashboard.


See your data in a new way

Make your PDPM reviews and audits streamlines with GreyMAR’s UDA Library and Workspace tools. Easily construct operational forms you wish for staff to review on admission, during admittance, or on discharge. Utilize this data in extremely flexible workspaces.


Build UDAs directly in GreyMAR giving you drag-and-drop simple form building to allow your organization to collect any type of data you want on your patients.


Organize data collected in UDAs into workspaces. A workspaces allows you to view any data side by side, pulling certain information from many different UDAs is a breeze.


Contact families within seconds

Send emails, texts, or record your voice and automatically call family members in your facility. Family members will hear the familiar and friendly voice of your administrator in crystal clear audio.

GreyMAR makes communicating to your family members easy and quick. We’ll also maintain logs to ensure your have an audit trail during any investigations.

Mobile Ready

Send mass messages of any kind from our mobile app.

HD Audio

Record your voice in crystal clear audio before sending the voice call to all family members in your facility.


Patient Software Features

Synchronization with Allscripts

All referrals are synced with GreyMAR, including those you don’t accept to ensure you can create a healthy line of communication with your liaisons and maintain a denial log for your records.

Audit Management

Build UDAs in GreyMAR with an easy drag-and-drop user interface to give your staff ease of us.

Mobile Friendly

Check in on a patient, complete an audit, do a PDPM review – all from your computer, tablet, or phone utilizing the GreyMAR app.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligently scan your PRI packets, discharge summaries, and other pertinent documents using our AI and machine learning tools. We’ll help you quickly calculate NTA groups and see your total cost for the patient.

PointClickCare Integration

Integrated PointClickCare functionality ensures your staff stays in one place to compare data between all of your different software companies.

Mass Notifications

GreyMAR can text, call, or email all of your family members with one click. Using the GreyMAR app you can even record a voice note and it will be played on a phone call to family members.

Admissions Agreements & MA Apps

GreyMAR supports electronic signatures for Admissions Agreements and Medicaid applications. Using our mobile app, you can provide a beautiful presentation of your facilities services to a family member.

Learn about working offline with MARs and TARs