Survey Management

Tools to assist with a deficiency free survey

Proactive, Modern Tools

Create, store, and manage all of your facility survey readiness and management tools in one platform. With GreyMAR, surveys can be a breeze with extreme visibility into the facility history.

Create workflows and audits of your POCs, QAPIs, and increase your QMs.

GreyMAR provides the ability to:

  • Build and store Plan of Corrections and QAPIs
  • Report on your deficiencies and track education
  • Build interactive Plan of Corrections to correlate with staff education
  • Link documents to each other (i.e. Relate a Plan of Correction to a Manual)

Birds Eye Deficiency Tracking

As your organization begins to enter more survey data into GreyMAR, we compile this information into actionable reports and powerful insights into your facilities.

Built-In Educator

Staff can learn about a deficiency right within GreyMAR without leaving the platform.


You can link QAPIs to POCS, even a POC to a Manual. Track a whole history from implementation of a weak manual, to a deficiency, Plan of Correction, to a QAPI.


Effortless Auditing Tools

Built into GreyMAR are auditing tools, giving you the ability to setup a QAPI or Plan of Correction right within the same window, giving unprecedented ease in getting staff on the same page.

Manual Linkage

Link your Plans of Correction QAPIs and Manuals all within the same interface to give maximum visibility

Faster Searching

Your entire Plan of Correction submission history at your fingertips, as well as quick access to your sister facilities templates to cut creation time in half.


All Survey Management Features

Centralized Hub

GreyMAR’s keeps all of your Plans of Correction together in one central area for your organization. Easily search through every deficiency in seconds.


CMS Synchronization

Setup a tracker that allows you to monitor deficiencies given nearby to your facility by setting up geo-location zones. Know what regulators are looking for before they even walk into your building.

Learn about our compliance module