Did you survive the impact of the record breaking Bomb Cyclone?

Last week the East Coast was blasted with Grayson, a “bomb cyclone” smothering us with heavy snow and winds setting multiple records. Grayson’s impact was brought to us by the scientific term “bombogenesis” which refers to winds rotating the same way as Earth and forming a cyclone in the center of a region where the pressure of the atmosphere is lower than sea level.

This storm will be remembered for coating North Carolina to Maine with double-digit snowfall and for the amount of ocean water it pushed to shore causing record tides and flooding. Frozen iguanas were even seen falling from trees.

But exactly how much snow, wind, and water did Grayson bring us?


Snowfall plastered the coast from Florida to Maine, some locations seeing their first snowfall in 28 years. Visuals of palm trees being coated with white, and residents seeing their first flakes will be remembered forever. Below are notable snowfall accumulations:

• Bangor, Maine: 18.3 inches

• Cape May, N.J.: 17 inches

• Islip, Long Island: 15.8 inches

• Atlantic City: 14.2 inches

• Providence, R.I.: 13.3 inches

• Boston: 13.2 inches

• Portland, Maine: 11 inches

• Ocean City: 11 inches

• Hartford, Conn.: 10.2 inches

• Salisbury, Md.: 10 inches

• New York City: 9.8 inches


Grayson ended up producing winds from 50 to 100 mph resulting in power outages up the coast. On Thursday, 70 mph winds were clocked in Massachusetts, gas stations roofs were ripped off in New Jersey, and Nova Scotia experienced over 105 mph roaring winds. You can see recorded wind gusts below:

• Grand Etanq, Nova Scotia: 106 mph

• Nantucket: 76 mph

• Block Island, R.I.: 71 mph

• Long Island: 64 mph

• Dewey Beach, Del.: 61 mph

• Cape May, N.J.: 59 mph

• Providence, R.I.: 55 mph

• New York JFK: 52 mph

• Boston: 51 mph


Since Grayson mimics a hurricane, large amounts of ocean water were pushed ashore. This caused record breaking water levels for areas in Boston, Portland, and Maine. New England warned of wave heights over 5 feet tall causing flooding to take over the streets while Boston’s tide rose 15 feet.

Extreme winds and snowfall aren’t the only thing Grayson put us through. The brutal storm left 21,000 homes without electric and caused at least 21 fatalities.

How did you face Grayson’s wrath? Comment your stories below!

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