ISP outage? GreyMAR can help!

Two days ago, on November 6th, our Nation’s internet infrastructure was tested by a nationwide cyber attack. ISP’s like Comcast were affected causing services to not operating correctly.

We wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate just how affective GreyMAR services are at keeping your facility running during major system outages like this.

During the attack, we encouraged PointClickCare users using affect ISPs to prepare their failover to GreyMAR’s disaster recovery for EMAR services.

If disaster strikes, GreyMar promises to have your back with a resilient backup plan. Our backup system will keep updated MAR’s and TAR’s stored securely on our cloud. Your systems will automatically switchover during an outage providing zero downtime!

We can even provide a backup phone system and electronic faxing on a high gain cellular network so your team can stay focused and connected.

Contact our GreyMAR Success Team and we’ll get you setup with a service demo or trial just for you and your community! You can schedule one here. 

GreyMAR is the #1 EMAR disaster recovery suite

GreyMAR enhances your Long Term Care organization’s ability to stay operational during major system outages. Our solution ensures your EMAR backups are able to be accessed 24/7 regardless of system outages.


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