ISP outage? GreyMAR can help!

Two days ago, on November 6th, our Nation’s internet infrastructure was tested by a nationwide cyber attack. ISP’s like Comcast were affected causing services to not operating correctly.

We wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate just how affective GreyMAR services are at keeping your facility running during major system outages like this.

During the attack, we encouraged PointClickCare users using affect ISPs to prepare their failover to GreyMAR’s disaster recovery for EMAR services.

If disaster strikes, GreyMar promises to have your back with a resilient backup plan. Our backup system will keep updated MAR’s and TAR’s stored securely on our cloud. Your systems will automatically switchover during an outage providing zero downtime!

We can even provide a backup phone system and electronic faxing on a high gain cellular network so your team can stay focused and connected.

Contact our GreyMAR Success Team and we’ll get you setup with a service demo or trial just for you and your community! You can schedule one here. 

GreyMAR Helps Avoid Outages in Skilled Nursing on a Budget

The Skilled Nursing industry is overwhelmingly outdated, we hope we can all agree. Diving deeper into what causes outages and these frustrating concerns really falls on IT, specifically the IT company’s lack of understanding of what needs to be completely functional, who can wait, etc. GreyMAR wants to share some knowledge on how we’re able to maintain such a high level of service for our customers who are skilled nursing.

Look into backup internet service providers.

Backup internet service providers are easy to find, and usually decently priced. We would NEVER recommend a DSL backup as this is just way too slow for today’s modern programs you may be using. Getting this will dramatically improve your facilities ability to operate if your primary ISP goes down.

Ensure IT has it hooked up right, and it stays cool.

Getting a secondary internet provider is a great idea, but ensure your IT company is capable of hooking it up to your firewall/router properly. We have went into buildings that had purchased a secondary internet connection, have been paying for it monthly and it wasn’t even hooked up. We’ve also found that either the primary or secondary modem was sitting under a desk somewhere and overheating, thus causing it to not work, or work half of the time.

Generator plugs at all of your wiring rooms.

Your IT company should be able to work with your maintenance department and ensure that all of your wiring rooms, servers, etc are all on the red generator plugs. It is also recommended that all of the equipment is on a backup battery pack that has proper voltage handling capabilities so when the generator kicks over, it doesn’t blow out your equipment.

Updates on your equipment matters more than you think.

Another real life story – we had a facility in Florida that we walked into – had newer looking access points (for wifi connectivity) right? Once we got into them, we found the software was from 2013 (which is like dog years… multiple everything by 7, get what I mean?). The facility complained of horrible wifi. With simple updates, we ran our measurement tool and found 57% increase of speed just from doing that. Now a proper IT company should do an entire review of your wireless “air usage” every so often. Wireless is very sensitive to new objects such as dressers, mirrors, room movements, anything to “soak up signal” or destroy it, such as cordless phones on your med carts.

EMAR backup and ensuring staff knows how to access it.

We ended up creating an EMAR backup system for your EHR we’ve been pushing called GreyMAR. Take this simple test and walk around your facility and ask “If PCC goes down, what do you do?” and see the diverse answers you will get. We are hoping to help facilities organize and get what they need as fast as possible. Check out our site


There’s many fancy things we can do if you’re up to it.

Failover phone systems.

If you have choppy phone service that cuts in and out or constantly goes out, we have the capability to have any facility phones failover to our systems here, and we can make the phones seem like they’re the facilities, and transfer in between floors. This requires very little setup and works very well if your phone lines and/or system is down. We’ve done this for buildings up to 600 beds multiple times.

Medcarts and Kiosks failover to backup documentation program.

If you’re not happy with your computers and how your backup system is in place, there is always the option of having the GreyMAR OS (operating system) and it will automatically flip all of your clinician devices over to a backup EMAR / POC system if your EHR is detected as being down, or based on our crowd sourcing the system is down and your EHR isn’t aware yet. (Yes, we’ve done this before!)

Thanks again for reading, hopefully this provides some information and is fun to read. I have started a newsletter that you’re welcome to sign up for.

GreyMAR is the #1 EMAR disaster recovery suite

GreyMAR enhances your Long Term Care organization’s ability to stay operational during major system outages. Our solution ensures your EMAR backups are able to be accessed 24/7 regardless of system outages.


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